Arabian bazaar

A typical Arabian bazaar

Souq Waqif is among the places that represent the city’s cultural and historical aspects.

There are different jewelries, earthenware, silk and spices in this bazaar. In the past, the Bedouin would trade sheep, goat and wool with other materials here. Nowadays, the area is being rearranged aiming for the outlook of a ‘souq’ (bazaar) of the 19th century. Souq Waqif is a typical Arabian bazaar. One can walk along its passages composing of corridors, check out categorized products, spice shops, clothier and gift shops. There are also many restaurants and hookah cafes here. Enjoy drinking tea at the cafes, watch football videos on big screens. Another bazaar that is worth seeing is the Omani Souq, which is located at the Haloul Street. This place is ideal for incense stick and wattle basket shopping. Gold Souq is another bazaar where you can shop for gold and jewelry.

On the trail of Islamic culture

Museum of Islami

Cold Winter


Here are a few tips for those who keep thinking ‘ about what to wear in these days when winter started to make clear its arrival and summer clothing is laid aside… Do not give up on summer’s warm shades, because this winter will not be as cold as you think!

Comfort is always number one…

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Medicine and Art

How the medicine and the art can be related to each other? The last edition of the magazine “P” which elaborates carefully the topics chosen also carefully, expose the artistic dimension of the medicine joined with the visual examples.

The most ancient documents

The human bones and the surgical instruments found in the illustrations on the walls of the caves and during the diggings show that the practices of medicine are as old as the human history. The reliefs carved in the stones in the old eras, the medical equipment and the illustrated books of the Middle Age have been certainly not created for the sake of art. But these works bring together the medical scientific men and the artists. For example, the most ancient documents