Beglik Tash Tour

Tours Bulgaria Beglik Tash – one-day tour

Tours Bulgaria Beglik Tash include Nessebar, Beglik Tash and the river Ropotamo

Because the tour starts from Nessebar, here we give you short information about the distance from the bigger Bulgarian cities and the capital Sofia (city tours Sofia):
Sofia – Nessebar – 412 km/ 4 hours
Varna – Nessebar – 100 km/ 1 hour 30 min
Burgas – Nessebar – 35 km/ 35 min
Plovdiv – Nessebar – 282 km/ 2 hours 50 min

The tour starts from Nessebar – the ‘Pearl of the Black Sea’. This town on the Black sea coast is a modern and contemporary town. It is perfect for great Bulgaria tours.


Tours Bulgaria around Monasteries

Monasteries in Bulgaria, tours Bulgaria, are unique because of their rich architecture, their icons and wall paintings. It’s not about religion or belief. Nor about being part of a mystery. It’s about a special atmosphere. Atmosphere of intimacy, cosiness… Bulgarian monasteries are also unique because of the legends around them. There is always mystery around each holy place.

This 22-day monasteries tour we made for a family for the summer of 2017. Many monasteries, many places they visited. All good memories and experiences.

Here we introduce the tour to you, the different destinations with some information.

The tour

Sofia – Rila Monastery

Tour Packages Bulgaria

You are ready to explore your dreams and travel. Then, it’s time to plan your Bulgaria holiday and benefit from our tour packages Bulgaria.

We are here to take you around a small country with rich history, inspiring nature, mouth-watering cuisine and friendly people. Bulgaria and our private Bulgaria tours are a promise for unique experiences and memories.

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When we took the tourism path, we knew our love to Bulgaria only. It turned out to be enough to make our private tours in Bulgaria for you. We like to make you feel the spirit of ti

Tour Packages Balkan

Bulgaria is part of the Balkan Peninsula and is also marked with its difficult destiny. For that we made tour packages Balkan in different variations. Our wish is to make you breathe the air and feel the atmosphere of this interesting place, the Balkans.

American captain Fox talks about the ‘complicated Balkans’. We can only blame the position of the peninsula for the Balkan countries’ political destiny. Due to Balkans’ central location in Europe and the fact that they served as a bridge towards Asia; Balkans suffer the strong after-effect of every whim that Europe and the world had. Balkans were doomed to stand in the path of the greatest racial movements. The Balkans are full of surprises. They never fail to bring interesting stories.

Balkans are the cradle of ancient civilizations like the He

Treasures of Varna

Hunting the treasures of Varna in Bulgaria tours

Bulgaria Tours Day 1

Bulgaria Tours – a day spent in the city of Varna – the sea capital of Bulgaria, like people know Varna. Varna is the third biggest city in Bulgaria and one of the oldest settlements on these lands. Varna is the place where the oldest gold treasure in the world was found. The treasure dates back
from 4,600 BC to 4,200 BC. This same Varna becomes the home of the biggest and only one of the kind in the world cultural historical; and entertaining and educational museum. The museum opens in the spring of 2019. It is going to be like a time machine. People will be able ‘to travel back’ in time in the different eras; in the development of the human civilisation on the Bulgarian lands.

Varna as one o

BookExpo America

Do not miss book expo america this may if you would like to
have breakfast with famous actors and their new books in new york city!

An event that reverberates around the world and rivets all
eyes on new books and their authors, North America’s biggest book fair,
BookExpo America, is taking place this year May 24-26 at New York City’s Jacob
K. Javits Center. A different ‘breakfast with writers’ kicks off the morning of
each of the fair’s three days. What’s more, there are some celebrated Hollywood
personalities among the writers taking part. The Children’s Book Writers’
Breakfast on Tuesday, May 24th, for example, is being moderated by Julianne
Moore, author of “Freckleface Strawberry:

Best Friends Forever”. And among the authors being presented
on the morning of Wednesday, the 25th, you may come across Diane Keaton and her

Print media andsocial media under the same roof

Another distinction of this year’s BookExpo


Sb, goethe, goethe.

This is me that absolutely must roned at any reference to
german culture. So let it be mentioned here!

It is true too, let’s face it: There’s nobody quite like
Goethe. The dramas, like ‘Dr. Faustus’ and ‘Gotz von Berlichingen’(The Knight
with the Iron Hand), of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) are still
performed in theaters today. His poems and novels like The Sorrows of Young
Werther are still printed and even read.

But it is not the works he produced as poet, writer,
theorist and natural scientist that make him such an absolute sine qua non.
With his universality and holistic view of nature, Goethe rose above the
Catholic-Protestant conflict in which Central Europe had been locked since the
16th century and above the debates between clerics and men of the Enlightenment
that were added to it in the 18th century, to become a towering figure who blazed
new paths in German culture. Naturally Goethe did not acco

Taner Alakus

Prof. Dr. Cicek Derman

Art comes into being when training, effort and patience
interlock. In our traditional arts especially, the purpose of art is not to
produce works but to turn ourselves into a work of art that will enhance our
moral character. If art is made with the joy and ardor of worship, the result
will be magnificent.

Taner Alakus

Art is the spiritual connection between teacher and student.
Just as art is the sultan of the spirit, so the practicing artist must be the
humblest among those spirits. Art is the artist’s own paradise.

Yrd. Doc. Huseyin gunduz

For art lovers and calligraphy buffs, a beautiful
inscription is a beautiful picture. For the artist who creates the work, it
reflects his inner world on paper in lines, shapes, colors and beautiful words.
Calligraphy is a language. It gives rise to a silent communication between people
whether they know that language or not.

Islam Secen

Italian Pasta

Italians have accorded pasta prominent status in their many
regional cuisines.

One of the first foodstuffs to be manufactured commercially,
pasta is universally popular. No one knows for sure when pasta entered the
cuisines of the world or who invented it. But the Italians can certainly be
credited with developing its manifold varieties and spreading them around the
world. Every form of dough that is rolled thin and cooked on a hot metal
surface can be regarded as a forerunner of pasta.

According to researchers on the subject, it is highly
probable that pasta emerged around the same time in all parts of the world
where flat bread was made. Perceiving as well-nigh miraculous the benefits of
yeast for adding volume to bread made with flour in times when it was almost
impossible to find economical foodstuffs that also kept well, mankind developed
some extraordinary religious rituals revolving around yeast. In her ‘Dictionary
of Ottoman Cuisine’, Priscilla Mary I

Vegetarians special taste

Special tastes for vegetarians

We also didn’t forget about our vegetarian guests among our
rich menus. Vegetarian meals, containing no animal by products, are being
prepared with fresh ingredients and all plant derived foods. Additionally,
Vegetarian Jain meals, which are prepared according to Jain customs, are also
one of our special meal alternatives.

About star alliance

The Star Alliance network was established in 1997 as the
first truly global airline alliance to offer worldwide reach, recognition and
seamless service to the international traveler. Its acceptance by the market
has been recognized by numerous awards, including the Air Transport World
Market Leadership Award, Best Airline Alliance by both Business Traveler
Magazine and Skytrax. The member airlines are: Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines,

Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana Airlines,
Austrian, Bluelbmi, Bmssels Airlines, Continental Airlines, Croatia Airline

About Ataturk

For more information about the 20th quality convention and its program.

Held since 2007, amberFestival is Turkey’s first festival of electronic an. Organized around a specific theoretical concept every year, amberFestival has as this year’s theme, Next Ecology. For more information about this festival, November 4 to 13:

Making a big splash last year when it screened the award-winning film Logorama, which captured the Oscar for Best Short Animation Film in 2010, the Istanbul Animation Festival is awaiting animated film buffs again November 22 to 27.

Another small festival that manages to attract participants from countries all over the world is the Istanbul Short Film Festival, which also includes an international competition. For more information about this festival that is welcoming short film buffs November 23 to 30:

What they have said about Ataturk

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, U.S. President 1937

“I obtained inf



Breakfast Cut 1 boiled egg into four equal parts and season with very little olive oil, a little cumin, a little black pepper and red pepper flakes +1 slice of rye bread and plenty of parsley

Lunch: 1 small plate of pasta with minced meat +1 bowl low-fat yogurt + green salad with a little oil Afternoon: 2 scoops of vanilla or plain ice-cream Dinner: 1 bowl of functional detox soup +1 thin slice of rye bread + plenty of tomato and sliced cucumber Before bed: 1 peach or 1 nectarine

Functional detox soup Cook 5-6 washed fresh asparagus, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 1/2 cauliflower, 1 fresh pearl onion, 1/4 chicken breast in 1/2 cup of chicken stock, without adding oil and blend.


Breakfast: 1 glass of fresh juice of a desired fruit +1 slice of cheese +1 slice of whole-wheat bread + plenty of tomatoes and cucumbers

Lunch: 1 bowl of Antioch-style lentils or instant soup with tomatoes or noodles +1 thin slice of wh

Soup diet

The way to lose weight is to increase the distance between energy intake and energy expenditure. Low-energy soups are more filling as they repress the hunger center. According to nutritionist and diet expert Selahattin Donmez, the soup diet will enable you to lose six kilograms in one month providing prevention against chronic illnesses, preventing dryness of the skin by increasing water in the body, and decreasing tension in the stomach. There is no other type of food offering such high nutritional value and is so filling in one meal. We recommend consuming a variety of healthy salads and the same goes for soups. For 10 years, I have started my afternoon and evening meals with a bowl of soup. Because you eat soup with a spoon and chew, it starts making you feel full in your mouth. And because it coats the stomach lining with a warm wave it prevents acid production in the stomach. It prepares the stomach for the digestion of the rest of the meal.

Does soup have any benefit

North Koptos

“He turned to the haven, and sailed down, and delayed not in the north of Koptos. When he was come to the place where we fell into the river, he said to his heart: ‘shall I not better turn back again to Koptos that I may lie by them? For, if not, when I go down to Memphis, and the King asks after his children, what shall I say to him? Can I tell him, “I have taken your children to the Thebaid, and killed them, while I remained alive, and I have come to Memphis still alive”?

Then he made them bring him a linen cloth of striped byssus; he made a band, bound the book firmly, and tied it upon him. Na.nefer.ka.ptah then went out of the awning of the royal boat and fell into the river. He cried on Ra; and all those who were on the bank made an outcry, saying: ‘Great woe! Sad woe! Is he lost, that good scribe and able man that has no equal?’

“The royal boat went on, without anyone on earth knowing where Na.nefer.ka.ptah was. It went on to Memphis, and they