Taner Alakus

Prof. Dr. Cicek Derman

Art comes into being when training, effort and patience
interlock. In our traditional arts especially, the purpose of art is not to
produce works but to turn ourselves into a work of art that will enhance our
moral character. If art is made with the joy and ardor of worship, the result
will be magnificent.

Taner Alakus

Art is the spiritual connection between teacher and student.
Just as art is the sultan of the spirit, so the practicing artist must be the
humblest among those spirits. Art is the artist’s own paradise.

Yrd. Doc. Huseyin gunduz

For art lovers and calligraphy buffs, a beautiful
inscription is a beautiful picture. For the artist who creates the work, it
reflects his inner world on paper in lines, shapes, colors and beautiful words.
Calligraphy is a language. It gives rise to a silent communication between people
whether they know that language or not.

Islam Secen

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